Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do in the event of an emergency?

We will have police, security, and emergency personnel on scene during the event. However, if you have an emergency please call 911. There will be two Information Tents located on Hillsborough Street at the intersections of Horne Street and Enterprise Street.

Is Packapalooza a child/family friendly event?

Absolutely! There are activities and attractions for all ages. The musical artists between the two stages will span all genres of music for all different age groups. We encourage families to join in the fun and help us celebrate NC State’s 125th Anniversary.

Will there be free food and water available during the event?

Unfortunately there is not free food available during the event. However, all of the merchants along Hillsborough Street will be open during the event and we encourage people to visit them. There is just about every type of food available along the street. We will also have three outside food vendors serving things like roasted corn on the cob, turkey legs, lemonade, etc.

The weather for Packapalooza is going to be steamy, so we will have various locations along Hillsborough Street distributing free water. Three locations (Arts Zone, Sports Zone, and Enterprise near Sadlacks will have sustainable Blue Green Water filtration trailers. Feel free to bring your own refillable water bottles.

Are there ATM machines available along Hillsborough Street?

Yes, there are multiple banks along Hillsborough Street within the footprint of the event. Applicable bank fees are assessed.

Will there be additional restrooms available at the event?

Yes, we will have additional portable restroom facilities brought in for the event. They will be located along Hillsborough Street in the Sports Zone, near the International Zone and Arts Zone. For exact locations you can check our Information Tents or the interactive map closer to the day of the event. All merchants have restroom facilities if you are a customer of their establishment.

Can I bring a pet to Packapalooza?

The only pets allowed are service animals.

Are there any items that I cannot bring to the event?

Yes, weapons of any kind (including pocket knives and wallet chains), illegal substances, and fireworks. Bicycles and skateboards are not permitted at the event for pedestrian safety.

Will there be alcohol served at the event?

Alcohol is not permitted at the event. There are merchants along Hillsborough Street that have permits to sell alcohol on their designated property. All participants are subject to City of Raleigh ordinances and North Carolina law regarding alcohol consumption.

Can I bring a lawn chair and/or blanket to stage areas?

At the Belltower stage we will permit lawn chairs and blankets on the lawn adjacent to the Belltower. During the day there may be space on the street for lawn chairs in front of the stage but for our evening performances chairs will not be permitted.

At the Patterson stage we will permit lawn chairs and blankets. The viewing area of the stage is a hard surface parking lot. Please be mindful of your surroundings and the impact your seating option may have on others around you. We reserve the right to ask anyone to remove a seating item from the premises.

Are cameras permitted at the event?

Yes and we encourage you to snap photos and share them via Facebook and Twitter.